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Omg. My stomach hurts...feels like I'm gonna die

Hearing your voice, seeing you smile it kills me every minute not having you to talk to. I know it's my fault but id give anything to talk to you Shell!

I will Always remember that..With More to Come.. My Beautiful flip-flop Cowgirl <3

And I love it when in the middle of our kiss I can feel you smiling. - I can't wait to feel you smile.

Sad quote

I feel like I am waiting, but I am not. I just have no interest elsewhere. I know with my heart that I dont want you at all unless God makes that happen, it is He that I wait upon. My brain gets in the way occassionally, but I know and trust my LORD.

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Seeing you yesterday really tugged on my heart. It took everything in me to keep my composure during everything!

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And I will continue to miss you until you are here by my side to stay liefie. I love you so much 😘❤️