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cherryandsisters: “ I’ve noticed I don’t draw these two being happy a lot, so i drew them being happy togETHER ”


lgions: “ these two are the wooorrrsttt i love them so much :c, ”

Finn x Poe

I will sink (if I must but we have hope since "gays are coming to star wars" supposedly. No sure is I can trust J. Abram but I will hope) with this ship. It MUST exist.

If Anakin hadn't turned to the dark side and Padme hadn't died. Luke stays with Padme after the fall of the republic were she spies for the rebellion and Leia goes with Anakin out on missions for the rebellion. I love it.

star wars rebel AU by shorelle - an AU where Anakin joins the Rebel Alliance and Padme is a spy in the senate.