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When barry's mother is the key to everything...

When barry's mother is the key to everything...

Luckily Flashpoint only lasted one episode and the Flash season 3 premiered before any of the other Arrowverse shows so they were able to fix any problems that timeline caused, but he still created ANOTHER timeline and messed things up again

Every Snowbarry/FlashFrost shipper should read this #Snowbarry #TheFash season 3 // I haven't even seen this episode yet, but it's literally all I can think about. People who don't see the love in Snowbarry must be actually blind. I don't understand how people could even think about WestAllen...

Look, I don't even ship Snowbarry, but the way this person tears apart Iris and Barry as a couple makes me love them. Barry and Iris are the worst couple I've ever seen. It could write a series of books on the subject.


Imagine if it worked the other way. Shipping wars in the streets.<-- can this please happen i want to meet for fangirls/boy that read my books and ship my ships

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Spread it! You will never sink my submarines!<< you can't sink my submarines!

Show off. Just like the Flash to do that.

Ohh barry...

I know, right? And even during the episodes, the routes he takes to get places -- doesn't he know a straight line gets you places sooner?<---true, but what if he can't get where he needs to go through a straight line?