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I love that they are whisper yelling /// The Flash, Barry Allen, Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, Coldflash, Family of Rogues, 2x03

I love that they are whisper yelling /// The Flash, Barry Allen, Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold, Family of Rogues,

Cisco is confusion!!

⚡️Flash⚡️ and >--Arrow--> - Cisco Ramon - Barry Allen - Barry Allen - Catlin Snow - Doppelganger

#TheFlash 3x22 "Infantino Street". This murdered I cried so much

when u havent watched the season and the spoilerrs be out

Barry learn your equations

+trusting her rants and acting on them with her (Roslyn in full Emerald Lady suit with the making out galaxy power on).


"How do you know about that Harry Potter convention?" - Cisco and Wells TheFlash ((Hehehehe!

#Flashpoint I just love how they see Cisco being mad that his brother was killed is "petty" lol

I'm not sure I'd call your brother's death being petty but stay positive Cisco!

“I fucking hate lightning bolts”

“I fucking hate lightning bolts”

Tom Felton and Grant Gustin

Chloe over here cried and we couldn't find her for fourteen hours, and only showed up to film, with dark circles the size of ironically, Mew Mexico, so yeah. She threw the nearest heavy object at him though. It is a good that he knows how to duck.

Yeah. And look who his friend is, the girl who can't die. Eve and Roswell. Wonderful.

Freaking we get it there's a lighting bolt in both things Oh noooo huge conspirac. The fact of the matter that we should be talking about is JULAIN AND DRACOS ARE BABES