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Ange et le Démon

Ure melonxhippo: “ NALU :: Happy Halloween Here’s the NaLu Shipping of Devil and Angel! For me, I thought that this was a perfect fit for the two ^^! >As many of you may know, Natsu (AHEM END AHEM.

#wattpad #fanfiction Se n'est pas une fiction mais je vous montrerez mes couples préféré, l'equipe de natsu, les personnages tout seule je crois que vous avez compris

Photo de Fairy Tail - nalu

Read nalu from the story Photo de Fairy Tail by fairysam (jiminienatsu_ft__) with 190 reads.

Erza, Lucy et Juvia

:< arms up blonde hair blue hair breasts cleavage dress earrings elbow gloves erza scarlet fairy tail gloves hair over one eye hat jewelry juvia loxar large breasts long hair looking at viewer lucy heartfilia mashima hiro multiple girls official art