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French Fade Nails + Glitter #tammytaylor

Then your well-manicured nails won’t only show off how sophisticated you’re, but in addition that you’re a thrifty shopper too.

Gelnägel ideen 2017

Ombre nails might be fantastic match to your clothes or accessories. The brief oval nails will also prove good when you have brief nail beds. These cute pumpkin nails may appear a bit tricky but you’ll quickly see they are unbelievably simple to craft!

Interested in some gorgeous matte nail art for your next manicure? Check out these awesome matte nail polish ideas you can try!

How to make glitter glass magnets

How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets

Magnets For Sale & My New Etsy Shop - Mother's Day Gift Idea! There are a bunch of great magnet styles and designs that will make for a great Mother's Day gift!