I sigh and sit on a giant rock in the park. It's late at night so it's only me…

Anime guy

Milo- milo is a half demon but he takes the form of a dragon. He has a baby dragon named Ace. Milo is 16 and he prefers guys company. Milo is a big flirt and he is the kings second hand man

Shadow of Despair

Solace🔜that's a cool word Imma use it for a character name I think Yeah but like three words: Crow's final form Especially since this is basically exactly how I pictured Crow as looking.

Anime guy

Kuro (Prince Herscherik and the Kingdom of Sorrow), black hair, red eyes (Beauty Face Model)


Cool gas mask guy with yellow eyes, I plan to draw a full-body of this guy with a slightly different haircut later in time^^ (Cool Art Ideas)