Yeah, no problem~~~Forgive And Forget by on DeviantArt

DrawKill by DemiseMAN

AT with her part: DrawKill

by on DeviantArt

I don't get how someone can draw so awesomely with a pen and not mess up

By demiseman on deviantart


I'm Not Emo, artwork.

You Never Alone by DemiseMAN

You Never Alone by DemiseMAN-I'm in love with the imagery and how the red stands out.that and I'm into dark illustrations

Anime guy - Emo drawing

I luv the band I luv anime I luv being emo life

demiseman - I love the style

demiseman - I love the style

Com - Stacy the Emo by on @deviantART

Com - Stacy the Emo - chibi anime - emo - girl

Cool, I love the erie feeling it gives off.

Special Request from my best friend she inspired me to use the traditional arts, I love her artworks especially this one: actually I& long wanted to redrawing this work. Finally, I draw this afte.