via Cardigan empire - soft autumn. I thought I was soft autumn, but now I'm thinking I used to be soft autumn when I dyed my hair blond, but now I'm thinking even in the summer when my hair is lighter it's still too rich to be soft autumn.

Cardigan Empire: Color Analysis: 3 Degrees of Warm & Rich (soft Autumn flowing into soft summer)

soft autumn

Ther best colors of the color types

What are the best colors for the 12 color types? The best jewelry, make-up and dress colors for each color types. Find your most flattering colors!

Soft Autumn color palette

Are you an Autumn-Summer (Soft Autumn)?

30 something urban girl: Are you an Autumn-Summer (Soft Autumn)? But my hair tends to be quite ashy and my skin is neutral, so I can wear a lot of the soft summer palette.

For some people, having a unique sense of style and putting together cool outfits every day comes easily. For others? Not so much. We can’t all be effortlessly chic Instagram style bloggers, mainly because there is nothing effortless about looking like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine every day (well, I guess for … Read More

21 Style Charts That Will Help You Build The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe Autumn colour palette katberries This number of colours, but I'll change a few for my minimalist wardrobe.

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Are you a Summer-Autumn (Soft Summer)?

What are my best colors according to my overall look? This is an easy to understand and detailed post with celebrity examples about the Soft Summer (Summer-Autumn) seasonal color palette.