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Palette (Toned (Dark/Deep Soft) Winter leaning Deep Autumn Soft can borrow some colors from Soft Autumn palette, because Deep Autumn Soft and Soft Autumn are counterpoint seasons)

Strange but if I had a guiding colour palate for the garden would be in or around this.

Shaded Summer Color Palette (Soft Summer Deep)

Shaded Summer Color Palette (Soft Summer Deep)

Soft /Shaded Summer Color Palette (Soft Summer Deep) Summer's cool is influenced by Autumn's warmth and muted

Cool Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u

Cool Summer Seasonal Color Palette

Cool Summer Color Palette - with tones. here are mainly greyed tones, but for Cool Summer is the most important coolnes of colours. Cool Summer can wear also cool tints, less softened tones and also cool shades.

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Light Spring Color Palette SCAS Light Spring has more softened colours by white, light tints, warm to neutral pastels.