This listing is for the MEDIUM Garden Totem. The Small and Large Totems are available in other listings. Or you can purchase all three sizes at once

Single Medium Garden Totem Garden Sculpture Colorful von LisaFrick ~ ღ Skuwandi

Recycle old fans

no watering required! Upcycled from ceiling fan parts. By Bless Your Heart Art kathryncrews

Painted fence by Kris Carlson, Tybee Island, Georgia. Hmmm. There's something about this I like.

Painted fence by Kris Carlson, Tybee Island, Georgia. I have a stretch of ugly fence at the very back of my yard that is crying out for some art!

wood crafts and yard decorations made with wooden spoons

15 Wood Crafts for Outdoor Home Decorating with Wooden Spoons

Wood crafts made with cheap wooden spoons can spice up outdoor home decorating and add unique accents to modern interiors

I think this would be lovely indoors or out!

Funky Junky Fence garden art made from old metal serving dishes and other scraps.