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undertale, sans, papyrus, gaster, frisk

Even as a kid, Sans was an intimidating force to be reckoned with. And he always put Papyrus' happiness first!>>which is one of the things I find adorable with these two brothers

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What if when chara is defeated then friend frisk has control? Ow my heart π_π>>>Same, but I don't think 'friend' is the best way to describe the relationship between Chara and Frisk.

undertale = all the puns. Definitely learned from sans

frisk and papyrus - undertale = all the puns << Sans: *sniff* I'm so proud of you kiddio.


undertale, toriel, frisk, sans<me when I hit my brother and he starts crying

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Me: *bitch slaps her* Dafuq is wrong with you? Frick: Everything. Chara: You will die tonight.

Toriel :: Frisk :: Flowey (Flowey the flower) :: Undertale персонажи…

Toriel :: Frisk :: Flowey (Flowey the flower). This was way funnier when I didn't see Flowey already on the table, but still good.

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Looks like sans needs to KETCHUPon his pranking, Frisk had to of MUSTARD up the courage to do so, and sans must RELISH that memory.