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This mind map is used to teach learners of English Language about the "time" in English.

An adjective is one of the parts of speech in English grammar. It describes a noun. The comparative compares two or more things (or people) whilst …

Introduction What does the word Grammar mean to you? When the word, 'Grammar', is mentioned in a class of students learning any language, there is the.

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Should my college essay have a title College Admissions Essay Title or No Title? I like titles. But they need to be good. A title should be short and witty. Not cutesy. The tone of the title and essay.


Punctuation refers to the marks used in writing that helps readers understand what they are reading. There are 12 commonly used punctuation marks.

Words related to TRAVEL

Words related to TRAVEL

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Abstract nouns name an idea of something that can not be sensed (i. can not be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled). This mind map briefly su…


A noun is one of the parts of speech in English Grammar. This mind map will explain what a noun does and gives examples for each of the different t…