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i absoulutly love him in a white shirt and tie.something so normal.just not on jensen.then its just sexy.

Dean Winchester / Jensen Ackles #Supernatural

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.

Someone knows how to work with lighting.... look at those eyes!

Ugh his eyes are so beautiful

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Lets play 'wheres misha'


Jensen looking freakin' gorgeous as Dean Winchester.

Beauty in a smile

Those crazy-gorgeous teeth of & those crazy-gorgeous eyes.oh, what the hell! He's just crazy-gorgeous, period!

Mercy, this man looks extremely good in a suit.

Jensen Ackles

"He's even sexier when he's all bloody and dirty". I mean, I'm not disputing it, I'm just letting this sink in.

Jason Ackles

Why I watch Supernatural: This gorgeous hunk of eye candy. And also the plot. But eye candy. And demons!