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Pathway to. Railroad sleepers cut to size and white gravel. The sculpted boxwood is a nice touch too

Camino hacia la sala...

Fire pit/family gathering space: could be as simple as a gravel area with a nice moveable fire pit. You could have a simple single width stepping stone path or even just lawn leading to it.

allées de jardin fantastiques, arbustes taillés en forme rectangulaire

Allées de jardin créatives pour votre extérieur

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Gorgeous Rock Pathway Ideas

Idéia para o jardim da frente da casa

15 Pleasing to Eye Gardens That You Haven't Seen Them Before - Top Inspirations

Ландшафт в цветах: серый, темно-зеленый, сине-зеленый. Ландшафт в .

20 отличных идей для садовой дорожки

Decoração de Jardins Residenciais pequenos

Modelos de Jardins Residenciais pequenos e simples

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