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I'm so confused because half of me wants to be that girl who works out everyday and eats healthy food all the time and posts pretty photos but the other half of me wants to eat pizza and wear sweatpants every day and take pretty pictures u feel me?

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i'll make you waffles for breakfast on our 3 year anniversary and i'll get you ice cream and strawberries to go with them x


Vanilla muesli, nuts and berries, dairy free dark choc, maple syrup and almond milk Topped with chopped up chocolate coated squarebars!

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ti-bacio: “ Big bowls of fruit for breakfast because no reason just fruit 🙏🏽✨ moving day tomorrow, I have a massive headache and life is a bit messy, but it will be worth it!

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themilkywhiteway: Cacao E Jennings Burst maca oatmeal with mango, puffed quinoa/brown rice, pumpkin/sunflower/chia/sesame/pomegranate/amaranth seeds, goji berries and figs + organic nut milk.

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Pumpkin Spice Pinwheels

These pumpkin spice pinwheels are going to be the easiest Fall treat you'll ever bake! So easy and only 4 ingredients!

Tea or Coffee?

The only donut I like is the Krispy Kreme filled with the Twinkie style cream!

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Celebrity Week in LA!!