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Sky Diving ? If Yes -click Tried, and comment your experience. If No -what are you doing? Save this pin to your Bucket List!

Wild Outdoor Activities You Should Have on Your Bucket List Adventure.everyone needs it in their lives! Ive been skydiving before.LOVED IT!

Sky Diving, even though im terrified i need to try this at some point in my life

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I chose this post because I hope to sky dive one day. I'm extremely terrified of having to jump out of a plane but I would like to experience the thrill of it. This photo excites me more than it scares me.

having a beer

30 Things Rock Climbers Love

Funny pictures about Crazy picnic. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy picnic. Also, Crazy picnic photos.

“ Adrena_lady: Stephanie Garza Insta: xxxxx ✈ Jumps: 58 Canopy: Sabre 2 170 ☁ DropZone : Skydive Spaceland @skydivespaceland Photo Credits:…”

It doesn't exist better feeling than that to feel freedom and happiness high in the air!

Sky Dive Dubai Palm Jumheira  a dream that needs ticking off asap!

Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Dive Computers 2018

Sky Dive Dubai Palm Jumheira a dream that needs ticking off asap!~ ღ Skuwandi

Wingsuit = balls of steel

Fly a wing suit! It's a terrifyingly dangerous activity, and it's very likely to die, but it also looks like an adrenaline pumping, incredibly fun thing to do.


“Skydiving fun in Miami by Ralph Turner. This is a shot I took yesterday at Skydive Miami during a fun jump with friend Dexter Marcelino”. (Photo by Ralph Turner)

Off the beaten path you can do cage diving with crocodiles...Australia is a prime location for this along with South Africa. Coming face to face with the jaws of these terrifying and immensely powerful prehistoric creatures is certain to give you the heebie-jebbies...10 Unusual Ideas to Add to your Bucket List

10 Unusual Ideas to Add to your Bucket List

Crocodile cage-diving at the Cango Park in South Africa 10 unusual ideas for your bucket list