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Aww. I think he is longing to be out there. Daydreaming.  Feel sorry the little guy.

Picture Prompts How Cute."Rain, rain, go away." No, I think this little critter is longing to go out in the rain!

Baby turtle... keep swimming  #wildlife #sea #turtle

(19+) Amazing Baby Sea Turtle & Sea Turtle Facts

adorable Testudo Kleinmanni hatchlings confiscated after being smuggled into Naples Italy

A worker from Rome’s Biopark zoo holds Testudo Kleinmanni hatchlings, an endangered species also known as Egyptian tortoises, in Rome May The offsprings are the hatchlings of several.


20 animais que talvez você nunca viu recém-nascidos

My tiny box turtle hatchling! And he's a box turtle. Then it's like tINY BOX TIM okay I'll leave.