Please fix my photo…

Guy asks internet to fix his photo Photoshop done wrong on purpose! i don´t know why i just laugh so much!

Optical Illusion https://heello.com/Suzimiya_Haruhi/11370897

Funny pictures about Why camera angles are critical. Oh, and cool pics about Why camera angles are critical. Also, Why camera angles are critical.

Art Funny! Hehehe :) nerd-quirk-quotes

Funny pictures about Dwight Schrute's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Dwight Schrute's logic. Also, Dwight Schrute's logic photos.

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Princess Nicolas Cage - just when you thought "Disney Nicholas Cage" meant National Treasure

Crazy Eyes Face Swap

The most awesome images on the Internet

Emotional roller coaster

having multiple layers to gift, which disappoint, and then excite, then again disappoint, but finally excite.in this case the person gifting forgot the last step which would have been 50 or 100 dollars in cash in the sock

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I remember when my mom had a flip phone ! My aunt gave it to her I used to play with it all the time.