Sydney based tattoo artist Onnie O'Leary

Sydney based tattoo artist Onnie O'Leary

A arte do tatuador Ucraniano Dmitriy Samohin

As tatuagens realistas do ucraiano Dmitriy Samohin vão te surpreender

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This Tattoo Is Epic

This Tattoo Is Epic

Alice in Wonderland leg sleeve, tattoo, ink, alices Adventures in Wonderland tattoo

New school Japanese sleeve by Steven Mckenzie

60+ Amazing Sleeve Tattoos for Men & Women

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When they don’t look “raised,” they just give a very subtle effect. | Should You Get A White Ink Tattoo?

When they don't look

White tattoos are one of the hottest trends in body inking. These are our favorite white ink tattoos. See the greatest white tattoos ever.


tatuagens femininas

Hummingbird and flower tattoo. Mix of elements, vibrant colors with a black background. Hints at a Japanese-style sleeve, without using any of the visual elements, just by color scheme.


This TARDIS Tattoo is Totally Awesome

There are Dr. Who tattoos, then there are full-sleeve full-color completely amazing Dr Who tattoos!