Easter egg hunts are made more fun with this adorable crate for storing your finds.

Recycled Daisy Egg Carton for Easter Treats

Cute Easter craft for grown-ups or kids -- could use to bring a little Easter gift to host or grandparents - put moppet workers gift in eggs and display w egg carton

Easy DIY Stamp

DIY: pencil eraser stamp DIY Birthday Rabbit the red thread paper geo decorations

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We have gathered some magnificent Easter decoration ideas to help you with the preparation for this beautiful holiday. Decorating for this special holiday

Do you have any Easter holiday traditions? Every year the girls and I come to London to spend it with my parents (P stays behind in Sweden to get our boat ready for the season, which is actually one o

My big Easter DIY egg edit (my scandinavian home)

DIY Easter Bunny Eggs Using just a few pieces of wire, make detachable wire bunny ears for your Easter eggs. For the some of the best Easter DIYs go here. You can find the DIY Easter Bunny Egg Tutorial from ZWO: STE here.

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Rustic, heartfelt holiday gift wrap using brown paper, ribbon, tree clippings and old photos