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A girl and her weird skull wearing demon thing, character inspiration cuddle by *Fukari on deviantART

red dress by Fukari on @DeviantArt

comic strip which explains what happend last Sunday. I had a longboard accident and almost broke my feet. but I wanted to be brave and pretended that naaah, everything is fine, let's go sleep.

finally it's done! I started to draw this piece last year XD and I finished it today. sooo... there's my George : ) from 2006 (17 years old) to now (24). doesn't change a lot. just got some new pir...

Dead Princess & Milk Prince - created for Adventure Time world. but I can't draw in AT style XD Dead Milk

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Despite being held back from what he desired, he still broke free from others disbelief in him. In the end he lost his arms, but grew wings and flew away.

I feel it my bones by miss-fenris on deviantart

Bone: Evil, guard of the demon land, kills, Type: Demon wolf Mate: NONE

battle by mooncalfe on DeviantArt

Not sre Rachael would quite shave her hair like this but it is still open for possibility XD battle by mooncalfe on DeviantArt

frog by Fukari on @DeviantArt

b-day gift for Nathan ^,^ take a look at this little b-day contest: Fern (c) Nath (c)