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Kid leopard By Tsybina Natali - It runs on the skeleton and steel wire frame. May lie, stand, sit. Head tilted to any position. Pads with plastics. Filled with synthetic padding and a metal granulate. Its growth was not exclu

On a tous le droit d'avoir des rêves...

4 choses qui vous rendent belle et que le makeup ne pourra jamais remplacer !

www.myhappykitty.net Animals : aww cute cathttp://pinterest.com/pin/467952217511932811/

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

Animals : aww cute cat More! More cute cat pictures! I must say the whole state of CA demands for a never shortage of cute cat pictures!

Oh snowy I love you

I'm jaykit just call me jay I'm the runt of the litter I'm crazy wild and I love my brother Sammy I am a snow leopard and I have my dads personality so I tale after him I eat the other cats when older and I'm mean (I play her)

Isn't it the most adorable little thing out there? Made by Santani on deviantart. Should you be lucky enough to get ahold of one, don't ask what the price is.

Soft-bodied framed doll from my series "Inari Foxes" inches tall fabric fur + fimo clay parts Inari Foxes: Oncilla