Quoth the raven, "Nevermore. Several prints in this feel scattered around make great party decor.

Raven with plucked eyeball in beak

Crows and Ravens Although crows and ravens are part of the same family (Corvus), they’re not exactly the same bird. Typically, ravens are quite a bit bigger than crows and they tend to be a bit.

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.Not far, as the crow flies.

Crows on a sign in Irvine, Scotland // photo by Amelia Murray.want to duplicate the sign post for my garden, pointing to my favorite places.

Black birds are mysterious.... As a child I saw a Myna bird, in a cage, in a scary dark gas station... ...

This artwork based on a crow is really dark and looks like it has been done in inks which works well with the image of the crow and it's character.

Attracting Crows and Ravens | Dark Class

Attracting Crows and Ravens

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