Tron Legacy Mask - Joseph Kosinski makes his feature film directorial debut with Tron: Legacy, while the previous film's director Steven Lisberger, returns as a producer.

Metal Maniac

metal-maniac-starship-mechanic: “ Tron Armour designed by Ironhead Studios ”

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Rinzler can't you see he is tron look at the four dots on his chest people I mean through the whole of watching tron legacy for the hundredth time, im saying dude how does clu 2 think no one's gonna notice?

I know this a set and it isn't very pratical...but I have to say wow wouldn't this be a stunning interior to have..the geometric volcanic rock like wall...creates such an amazing contrast with the chandelier and the stark like furniture...but pushes it to the next level :P.  It'd be a great commercial space atleast...

On Tron: Legacy Set, How Midcentury Design Doth Glow

TRON Legacy Interiors, I love this chandelier over this acrylic/glass? dining table and chairs.

TRON Hairstyling by Anji Bemben. Concept : “Because it’s minimal and modern with no sunlight, I wanted the hair to be without color, movement, and texture,”

Hair and Makeup Secrets of Tron: Legacy