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Please mom?

Well, I don't really have to ask, since my dad likes the movies too. We had a Hobbit/LotR marathon last December 2016 :))

Doesn't everyone know the Lord of the Rings?? This is an outrage!!

I actually would throw The Hobbit book at them and tell them they better read this. THEN, I would throw all THREE LotR books at them, make them read those, and OBVIOUSLY they will love it by then and we can watch the movies together.

The Hobbit - Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Gloin, Kili, Bofur, Bifur, Oin, Ori, Thorin, Balin, Fili, Dwalin, Dori, Bombur, and Nori

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Haha I met a lady who actually went to NZ for the ROTK premier and she said that she was DISAPPOINTED by the scenery. I've never talked to her since. <-- Wow. I think the natural beauty is so much more extraordinary than the CGI! (Though it is very good). The Lord of the Rings felt so real.

"Advanced technology isn't always the answer, PJ." That's some truth. I really loved the LOTR films and really did not love The Hobbit films.

I would have to agree with my precious Legolas! :p

Funny pictures about YOLO Alternatives. Oh, and cool pics about YOLO Alternatives. Also, YOLO Alternatives photos.

This was so me when battle of the five armies started and finished...No more movies to watch

I have cried all night after finishing the battle of five armies. I was the worst of all my friends, after I heard Billy boyd song that I knew by heart it started getting worse and that weekend I rewatched lord of the rings xd

Tumblr posts

Lord "why do I even bother" Elrond He could survive fucking SpN

I love how Bilbo is looking at Bombour like "What am I looking at? Is that Bombour???"

I love how Bilbo is looking at Bombour like "What am I looking at? Is that Bombour?"<<Fun fact: these were all real cast reactions

The actor heights and the scale of the characters in the Hobbit

WETAs chart of character heights. (Sorry about the size, click through for the legible version.

I knew the part about his kids. The rest is new. Fun fact again; when Aragorn falls to his knees and screams in grief for Pippin and Merry in the Two Towers, that was a scream of pain from Viggo because he broke his toe when he kicked the helmet in anger.

More LOTR behind-the-scenes facts and stories! Tells you what a LOTR geek I am that I already knew all of these.