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Clever and inexpensive way to corral earbuds and in my case, keep the cat from chewing through the cord.

small vintage wooden clothespin, wrap earplug or any cord arouend it***

How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled #Diy

How to Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled

Are your earbuds always tangled? I hate spending the time to untwist them before I can even use them. Check out this cute fix for under a dollar, and keep your earbuds from getting tangled in the first place.

13 Unexpected Organizers - Upcycle and declutter with this fresh take on everyday items.

13 Unexpected, Upcycled Organizers

tangle tamer - Use a hair clip to store untangle wires; great for traveling (or a binder clip for earbuds)

Ummmm genius! I have a billion of these cases I wonder if there are more ideas?

Ear Bud Case From a Contact Lens Case

Awesome must try! This is my most popular pin... check out my other pins guys!!!!

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Good way to store those extra cords.

Toliet paper Rolls used to organize cords. Great and super chead way to keep those cords from tangling in the drawers. Love the fact that it also provides the paper so you can write what each cord goes to on the tube.

Pen/pencil/marker storage.  jm

Toilet Paper Roll Storage, good to organize all kinds of USBs, pens and stuff like that, in order to keep the space of your desk clean and organized.

Portable Container for Earbuds

Portable Container for Earbuds

Repurpose an empty Mentos container into a DIY cord container for your headphones.

Organising - Click image to find more DIY  Crafts Pinterest pins #diyshoerackwire

DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organizer Is Ugly, but It's a Helluva Cable Organizer

Organising - Click image to find more DIY Crafts Pinterest pins #diyshoerackwire

Yet another cool thing you can do with clothespins! Two of them glued together make a nifty little ear bud holder! Paint them up however you want! I used some Washi Tape on mine.

No More Tangled Earbuds! DIY Earbud Holder ·

Everyone hates tangled earbuds! Here's a quick and simple way to make earbud holders using two clothespins. A great gift!

never look for the end again - Why didn't I think if that.  The cats are going to miss their toys!!!

this is one of those "why didn't I think of that? bread ties to hold ends of tape. This works and if you don't have a bread tie, another thing that works is a toothpick.

Store ear buds in a cassette tape holder

Reuse Cassette Tape Cases to Store Cables and Wires

DIY Dorm IDeas: Cassette Case as Cord Organizer Neatly coil the cords of your small, tangle-prone cables and earbuds and tuck them into the empty plastic holder. If you have several, label each case w.