Harry Potter Infographic : The Hogwarts Houses on Behance

The history of Hogwarts-Andromeda, Regulus and Sirius should be enlisted, they are obviously more qualified than Crabb or Goyle or Pansy Parkinson

okay this isnt all that great but come on the casting is perfection

Funny pictures about Expanding The Harry Potter World. Oh, and cool pics about Expanding The Harry Potter World. Also, Expanding The Harry Potter World photos.

This Harry Potter chart lists all the spells sorted by how many times they were used

The most used spells in Harry Potter books (chart)

This Harry Potter chart lists all the spells sorted by how many times they were used // IT LISTS "Eat Slugs"!

I don't even care that this is like the third time I'm repinning this, I just love it too much!

Ron and Hermoine

I'm not a Slytherin...I just have interesting taste in ghosts ;) Other than that my answers are 100% Puff:

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Today is one of our favorite fictional character’s birthdays! It is also JK Rowling’s birthday, who is the author of the Harry Potter series. We had a super fun birthday party with all …

20 Years Ago The Harry Potter series came to the world

Interessant, dass alle Harry Potter Bücher in den verschiedenen Ländern verschiedene Cover haben! Welche findest du am besten?-->> So, i live in Russia and my books are in Russian but the covers are American? The Russian covers were expensive by the way.


Harry Potter and the Walk of Fame - Hollywood Star - Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson

Harry Potter inspired birthday party ideas with DIY decorations, food, party games and activities for the kids favors and printables!

Harry Potter Inspired 9th Birthday Party

Harry Potter Inspired Birthday Party - with ideas on DIY decorations, printables, party food, desserts, games and favors for boy or girls!