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Cabra Montes,' known as the Spanish or Iberian Ibex ram showing his magnificents.

Full-curl Dall Sheep, a thinhorn sheep (by Doug Lindstrand*)

Front View of a Full-curl Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli), technically called a thinhorn sheep, not a bighorn (Ovis canadensis).


Sheer Drop, 1980 Robert Bateman (Canada, b. Oil on Board, 48 x 36 inches JKM Collection®, National Museum of Wildlife Art (Amazing creatures)

Headdress for the day (mouflon) by neurodoc2010......You talking to ME!

~~ Headdress for the day (mouflon) ~~ just can't believe how one can walk around all day with this size horns on one's head? Pinned by y Lezama Art


Photobombing the photographer. This delightful picture was taken at the Kabardino-Balkaria reserve in Russia. Commenters believe this goat is either a Caucasian Tur or an Alpine ibex. Either way, it’s a big goat!