... use tin cans for birdhouse roofs ! Let rust/rust yourself/ paint w/Rustoleum  tri~color texture paint looks just like rust.

good idea to use tin cans for birdhouse roofs let rust, rust yourself or paint with rustoleum tri color texture paint looks just like rust. This is the most adorable mini log cabin ever!

Acorn Fairies

Charmed Gardens (a Collection of Fairy & Miniature Garden Making Tips)

Charmed Gardens (fairy & miniature garden making tips) Fun kids project or great way to add fun inconspicuous interest for kids & adults

Faery sink and mirror

Fairy sink - shell - **The beginning of a fairy land. fairy sink made from a shell in the mirror and wood for the sink.

Free Fairy Wing Tutorial .pdf file -- My Little Customs -- Very simple process.  I just have to get the supplies.

Fairy Wing Tutorials

Be great idea for winged jewelry.free Fairy Wing Tutorials « My Little Customs << learn how to make iridescent acetate / transparency sheet one of a kind fairy wings

Daily Colours : Fairy Houses - DIY Egg Carton Fairy Bird-Houses

My new idea of creating these fairy (bird-)houses made me so very happy this week! For a while I had been thinking about a way to recyc.