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Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

This is a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 version of Cleopatra. Her looks in the movie inspired an Egyptian influence in fashion. She also influenced a heavier eye makeup look through her look in the film.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a major fashion icon to young adults during the I plan on creating a costume that is similar to a famous celebrity's clothing in the because I believe it will create a better feel and style of the era.

50th Anniversary of #Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor. With detailed royal headwear, braided wigs, dramatic cat eye make-up, and exquisite jewels, the designers made good use of their budget to draw focus to Taylor's face (and décolletage). Costume Designers: Renie Conley, Vittorio Nino Novarese and Irene Sharaff. Tyranny of Style.

Tyranny Of Style focuses on the multifaceted study of clothing; covering the latest in costume design, digital fashion technology, style, and history of dress.

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