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Cute Valentine card, hand drawn just for your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend. Its great for anniversaries, engagements, Valentines or to

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eeeek! makes me so happy! If only I had someone to share in this punny life with....

Funny pictures about Pun Addiction. Oh, and cool pics about Pun Addiction. Also, Pun Addiction photos.

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10 Valentine's Day Cards for Food Enthusiasts (and Pun Lovers) — Market Roundup

10 Valentine's Day Cards for Food Enthusiasts (and Pun Lovers)

Every year for the last four years we've rounded up our favorite food-related cards for Valentine's Day

Cute and clever avocado card with a pun on the outside reads "Bravocado!" Inside reads "Guac on!" Fun Usual Suspects cards are carefully printed on thick, high-quality card stock and have rounded corn

Bravocado Congratulations Card

Raptor dinosaur funny Valentines Day card I by DarkroomandDearly

Raptor dinosaur funny Valentines Day card I by DarkroomandDearly Dever did you send me this bc you are aware of my love for dinosaurs bc if so much appreciated

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Love You Pho Real

Whether you pronounce it correctly (fa) or incorrectly (fo) your peep will totally get you. This card says I don't mess around with my food or my love for you.

Dinosaur Card, Pun Card by Kacey Schwartz at mudsplashstudios.com

Dinosaur Valentines Day Card, Triceratops Love, Nobody Tops You

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