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;) Wish I had asked my boyfriend this way haha

Gah of course pikachu!

Really cute

Hug Me - Pokemon Pikachu

You're cuter than a Corgi butt!

tehehe not that I would compare you to a Corgi ass.


Pichu and Pikachu

PikaEmbarrassed. Pikachu (by Izusetsu, Pixiv Id 1335172)

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Queres Wallpapers Para Tu Celu? Toma 150

Queres Wallpapers Para Tu Celu? Toma 150

-Me- Pika Pika Crunchyroll - Fanart Meme Traps Anime Characters Behind Smartphone Glass

Pusheen the Cat Girls | La forêt des rêves*: Pusheen the cat

Pikachu, meet Pusheen the cat.


Funny Mama - Eevee wants the fruit

XD I really can't stand Serena. And I hate how blatantly they're trying to put in a love interest for Ash.

Ok. Pikachu is evil. But I also ship Ash and Serena.

It would probably eat more ketchup then electronics. (Via Pokémon T.

Pokemon Inspired Love/Friendship Card

Inspired Love/Friendship Card by ABitofImagination on Etsy

Pokémon Guides to Everyday Things

Pokémon Guides to Everyday Things

A Pokémon Guide to Everyday Things



Little Kawaii Chibi Pikachu ^w^

I'd go for that pick up line!

Funny pictures about Pokemon Valentine's Day poem. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon Valentine's Day poem. Also, Pokemon Valentine's Day poem photos.

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Pikachu moustache you a question *giggles*