I want this for my kitchen!

Kitchen decor by coffee pot! caffeinated owls by David Mottram (Source: [I don't drink coffee, but I *love* this!

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I haven& stoppend drawing! Don& worry guys~ I just need that skanner so I can start posting again. So here is Jona my lil& octopus from a freak circus, he has a problem with keeping up with every.

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girlwiththewhiterabbit: making some neko atsume stickers for doujima!

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owl design by mariposa-nocturna on deviantART ★★★ Find More inspiration ★★★

ARTIST SHOWCASE: Jérôme Queval This week Catalist showcases the uber talented Jérôme Queval, whose art reminds of our own childhood which found us nose deep in books such as Rats of NIMH, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Roald Dahl novels :) Queval’s style is utterly charming and nostalgic, and we are definitely smitten by his work! Be sure to enjoy more of Jérôme’s art at!

Reminds me of the powerpuff girls' illustration style. The Art Of Animation, Jérôme Queval:

Les albums de Céline E.: L'oeil de la chouette - Opus 3

L'oeil de la chouette - Opus 3

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A Parliament of Owls (that is what a large group of owls is called).

If you are looking forward to make an tattoo then obviously choose an experienced artist .So here are some creative pictures of Cute Owl Tattoo Designs to Ink.