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Part of me is like, awwww so cute! And the other part of me is like, NO! She's the avatars girl!

Zutara i wish this was a thing << Zutara was the original ship that the producers were going for. I am sort of torn between Zuko or Aang for Katara, Who's your favorite pairing?

Otabek x Yurio

Otabek x Yuri UGH i dont know why but i just like to call him Yuri without the o and yuuri with two u's

Héhé humour dessin sexy

This is my absolute favorite pin I look at it every fucking day like,bless the artist! Yoi I always saw this pin but never knew it was Otayuri

Otayuri ♥ kyaaaaa <3 Did no one notice there are 2 people in the room maybe Yuri and Viktor

Yuri Plisetsky x Otabek Altin - Otayuri Yuri! On Ice / Yoi

Christmas kiss part 1 Bonus: Phichit took a picture! (click to see full comic ^_^)

nikkiyan: “Christmas kiss by Yuri Plisetsky Bonus: Phichit took a picture!