Spiral staircase

Bristol Palace Hotel staircase in Genoa, Italy. Shot by my favorite photographer.

Wood and stone wall spiral

The Spandau Citadel (German: Zitadelle Spandau) is a fortress in Berlin, Germany, one of the best-preserved Renaissance military structures of Europe. Also one of The Most Terrifying Spiral Staircases on Earth.

Fotografía escalera en palacio abandonado Pati Makowska en 500px

Abandoned Palace Photographed by Pati MakowskaGreater Poland Voivodeship 2013 source: + + + + + + + + + + + + If anyone has any information about which palace or where in Poland this beautiful staircase is, please leave a comment!

Spiral Staircase. @designerwallace

People never know what photography can make look beautiful - in this case spiral staircases. Here are some really beautiful 35 spiral staircase photographs that

Black Madonna Czech Republic - sensational staircase #heirloomheaven

Madonna’s stairs by Ole-Martin Mørk. The stairs in “House of the black Madonna” in Prague, Czech Republic.

mikapoka: grimed with beauty

“Falling” – Matthias Haker Another unknown location with a spectacular staircase. Even though the paint is peeling and it looks a little worse for the wear, the stairs retain much of their original beauty.

Designed by Dean Maltz for Esquire

North: The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Designed by Dean Maltz for Esquire. Staircase made with custom-etched glass and steel imported from Italy. ~I've always loved glass-bottomed staircases, and the colored glass makes this one even better.

Awesome & Sexy Stairway - Art Deco period, Havana Cuba

Old school black & white graphic tile pattern in stairs. Located at Hilda Sarra's House in Havana. Designed by architect Rafael de Cárdenas.

Hand Painted staircase spiraling upwards and looking up to the highest peak.

Beautiful Hand Painted staircase spiraling upwards and looking up to the highest peak.