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Alzheimers Epidemic is the one no one wants to talk about and so many struggle with. Aricept and other drugs have an amazing effect. It allows more years of functionality.

Teepa Snow, the horse whisperer of dementia, has created a powerhouse of a training infrastructure that takes caregivers where they actually need to go. Snow has teamed up with the Florida-based non-profit Pines Education Institute.

When to Move someone with dementia to nursing home

When to move someone with dementia to nursing home is a difficult question.

8 Forms of Dementia You Might Not Know About [Infographic

A bunch of things to know about dementia Did you know that not all dementia is Alzheimers dementia? There are many types of dementia with different symptoms, causes and prognosis. This inforgraphic sums it up.

SSDI and SSI: Similar but Different Disability Programs

Many people don’t understand the differences between supplemental security income (SSI) and social security disability insurance (SSDI).

Looks like we are in the middle to late stage of Dementia - the paranoid behavior is the most frustrating to me currently.

A bunch of things to know about dementia Caregiver Corner Infographic: What causes aggression in a person with dementia?

Avoid caregiver burnout with these tips! #elderlycarealzheimers

Stop Dizziness

How to Stop Dizziness. The term 'dizziness' means different things to different people. Because the symptom is vague and can be caused by a wide range of factors, finding a way to stop dizziness can be a process of trial and error.

What You Should Know About Anxiety Disorders (Infographic). I have generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and occasional post-traumatic stress disorder if something triggers it.