This would totally be a peeta combat

So true! Hunger Games Humor / Funny >>"Peeta has baked bread smarter than you" >> Pinning for that comment!

Mummy who's Prim? I heard you talk about her in your sleep? Katniss: she's your aunt. Where is aunt Prim now? In the Meadow?

I used to find this scene funny. I like that line. Now i ship heffie, and this line makes me want to scream and cry.. The fandom affect: crushing souls one fangirl at a time.

The Hunger Games - woodrow tracy harrelson (haymitch abernathy) / elizabeth banks (elizabeth irene mitchell) (effie trinket)

Her death made me cry...a lot

i don't cry super often in movies. the part where she walked into the fog killed me. i bawled my eyes out so sad😭😭😭😭