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Bushi Medieval warrior, a fantasy played out at festivals across Japan every year as towns pay homage to the dramatic history of the samurai.

Bushi Medieval warrior, played out at festivals across Japan every year as towns pay homage to the dramatic history of the samurai.

Last Samurai Ken Watanabe

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Kawagoe warrior parade: infantryman with musket

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A red-laced armor with two-piece cuirass (Aka-odoshi Nimai-do gusoku) together with saddle and accessories Edo period century).


Portrait of Samurai Tachidō Tōsei Gusoki Armor attributed to Myōchin Nobui Late Edo Period century CE Japan

ArtStation - Kamen-Bushi, David Benzal

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Samurai armor The era of warfare called the Sengoku period ended around Japan was united and entered the peaceful Edo period, samurai continued to use both plate and lamellar armour as a symbol.

explodingrocks:    Hatisuka Clan Gusoku. XVIII century. Photo Andrey Bronnikov. Photograph courtesy ‘’Samurai. Art of War’’ press-center. Moscow

Armor from Hatisuka Clan Gusoku. Art of War’’ Japan

Japanese Samurai's armor 鎧兜

Daimyo-Antler-Suit (Subordinate only to the shogun, daimyo were the most powerful feudal rulers from the century to the middle century in Japan.

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Samurai in armor

Full suit of Japanese Samurai armour (Gusoku), 16th to 18th century; Edo period Japanese Lacquered iron, mail, silk, copper-gilt.

Full Suit of Samurai Armor. This is similar to Egyptian and also ancient indian triad symbols.

TheSamuraiWorkshop :: Other products - Yoroi - samurai armour - Yoroi Samurai armor with Shikami kabuto

Hand made and traditional reproduction of Japanese samurai armors also known as yoroi. The yoroi can be worn and are used by martial artists for armored jujutsu or kobudo practice

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AnatoRef — Samurai Top Image Row 2 (Left), and 4 Row