6 Post Nasal Drip Remedies That Work | If you want to know how to get rid of post nasal drip, we're sharing the best remedy ideas for relief that lasts! This post explains the causes and symptoms of post nasal drip, including a sore throat, cough (especially at night), nausea, and bad breath. Whether you're symptoms are due to a cold, flu, or allergies, or you have chronic post nasal drip, these natural remedies will teach you how to stop the causes, so you can sleep (and feel) better! Fitness, Nutrition, Stop Post Nasal Drip, Remedies For Runny Nose, Stop Coughing Remedies, Post Nasal Drip Cough, Post Nasal Drip Remedy, Remedies For Sinus Infection, Itchy Throat Remedy