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Hakyuu capitains, MIlitary squad version (Haikyuu Fanbook)

Hakyuu capitains, MIlitary squad version (Haikyuu Fanbook) <<<< this gives me life

Haikyuu!! - Wakatoshi Ushijima x Tooru Oikawa - Ushioi

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KUROO shooted a bullet directly in my heart ❤️❤️❤️

pixiv(픽시브)는 일러스트의 투고・열람을 즐길 수 있는 「일러스트 커뮤니케이션 서비스」입니다. 폭넓은 장르의 일러스트가 투고되며, 유저가 마련한 일러스트 기획이나 기업 공인 콘테스트가 개최되고 있습니다.

Haikyuu is my unhealthy obsession - Ooikawa Tooru & Iwaizumi Hajime

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- Kuro is like my twin that I don't look anything like but that we act like half the same

Kuro: omggggggggggggg K,Kenma Kenmaaaaaaaaaaaa receive my telepath quick, come qickly and take a photo of this! Kenma: It feels like Kuro is sending an SOS. But I'm gonna ignore it since I dont want to.


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