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I wish I had one like that - Tattoo Ideas Central

Kind of a cool alternative to a toe ring tattoo, which i cant get out of my head as being the best tattoo placement for me if i ever got one! I wear my toe ring religiously this is a great idea!

Mother & Daughter tattoo.  Ok.  If this Silhouette Tattoo could be fashioned into a three children and mom tattoo I may just have to finally get my 2nd.

Mother daughter tat that i have with a different color flower for me my mom and my sister

Mother and daughter tattoo...love it..My girls got me a present for Mother's Day that has OUR symbol like this of our love...

150 Adorable Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas [2017 Collection]

The mother daughter tattoos are the best example of this expression and create wonderful, adorable art forms on the body of the mothers or daughters or both.

hearts with cross tattoo

Two hearts joined together by a cross - keeping Christ the center of all relationships. Idea for possible canvas art. Put a small heart too for baby

Celtic mother and child

Mother child tattoo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MM sez: I am not into tats But I think this is just so clever and incredibly beautiful! Great tatt to represent motherhood

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Love this butterfly. It would look great perched above the floral garland tummy tuck tattoo.

Nombres...with garrison warren otto...the butterfly is your dad....g

children's names tattoos for women - like this one a lot! Vic n Christians name on sides and in middle have cross or something representing my faith God

sarie june: Inked!  Toe ring tattoo....this is how I want to start my last one up my foot.

Daisy Flower Tattoos

Song from childhood summer camp: I have a daisy on my toe. It is not real it does not grow. It's just a tattoo of a flower so I look good taking a shower. It's on the second toe of my left foot. It has no stem. It has no root. (Cuz that wouldn't look good