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Dos perspectivas.

It's like Remedy and Katiren on the two different sides of the barrier.[internally fangirling over my book's main relationship]

Сохранённые фотографии – 9 885 фотографий

Сохранённые фотографии – 9 885 фотографий

#wattpad #zufllig „Du weißt nicht was du mit deinem Leben anfangen sollst?"  „Eh, doch!" „Pscht. Komm mit und ich zeige dir meine Welt!"

Inspirationsquelle. - [Ly.]Fly me to the moon.

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Little Dose of Inspiration — auroralion: View on DeviantART ★ Purchase a.


Moonlight Half angel half mermaid she watches over the Deeps from afar making sure it's inhabitants can never escape

Random Blog Is Always Random — onedayfour: I made a new business card \o/

She was the girl everybody knew but nobody talked to. Her hair was a wave of color, shimmering and mesmerizing. Her dress held all of the galaxies, stars and planets ever known. Her name was Galaxy.