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I love him just not in that way but I love him more than my other guy best friends!

I fell for him. We dated. He found better and now I haven't talked to him in what seems like forever and it absolutely breaks my heart.

Best way to avoid a lot of wasted time & hurt is to not fall in love with your guy best friend.

Friends with benefits

Basically Anna and I summed up

You're always on my mind...

crush, girl, him, love, quote. I wish and hope.

10 Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

10 Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

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I'd sell my soul to protect you. Maybe I already did. And even though I miss you day after day, what we had was just a beautiful story that had to end.

And anyone who saw how she looked at him knew that she was hooked. Hook line and sinker


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My secret lover.

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You'd be surprised how many other women men are saying the exact same thing to. They cant even be original. They just copy and paste the same thing to everyone! So funny.

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when you jumped out of bed like the imperious fucking ass you are. I mean who the fuck do you think you are?

Omg I like this one guy so much but I have no chance with him :( BUT HE IS SINGLE THEREFORE IT IS OK

I'm fine as long as you stay single -crushes