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lesstalkmoreillustration: “ Moon Climbing Art Print By Los Tomatos *More Things & Stuff ”

Climb to the moon x

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Siempre me he preguntado, ¿que le diría si la viera? ¿Cree que algún día de nuestras vidas podremos estar juntos de nuevo? Espero todo lo que tenga que esperar… en las noches al irme a dormir, siempre siempre pienso en usted, en ¿que estará haciendo? Es cuando más pienso en usted! Deberíamos de vernos y si piensa que no puede funcionar … ya no insisto!

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm - Aldous Huxley.

Check out omertasdemir's  image on #PicsArt  Create your own for free https://bnc.lt/f1Fc/nzV3ZbJutu

"Tipping Point" (photomanipulation), by Ömer Taşdemir. He brings together images taken in the real world, to construct surreal realities that we don't recognise but, are perfect for our minds and our dreams.

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nice The Big Journey of the Man on the Moon Art Print by Paula Belle Flores

Michał Mozolewski-Poland: Tumblr

Each melancholic photo will make a different impression each time. Artist Michal Mozolewski uses a combination of photography and digital illustration

 butterfly spirit

anyway the (stupid) moon took forever. I used so many references that it wasn´t normal anymore.

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ASTROVAGANT [adjective] travelling through space; traverse through stars. Etymology: from Greek astron, “stars” + Latin vagans, past participle of vagary, “to wander about”.