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I like the juxtapozition of depicting modern tools and toys with old-school imagery.

Photoshop Design by JennLaa for Vintage Ads 8 - Design #8885324

'Vintage Ads - Open photoshop contest is now closed. The contest received 13 submissions from 10 creatives.


I like the juxtaposition of depicting modern tools and toys with old-school imagery.

Innovation Over 30 Years

Funny pictures about 30 Years of Innovation. Oh, and cool pics about 30 Years of Innovation. Also, 30 Years of Innovation photos.

Vintage Ads 10 - Worth1000 Contests

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42 Publicités vintages pour l’informatique du passé

It's always funny to read old computer magazines, because nothing gets old faster than the technology news. Here are some very cool vintage computer ads for you

Vintage ad for a modern product- Kindle

Hilarious “Vintage” Ads for Modern Products

In the picture the woman is trying to please her husband. Her whole life is devoted to pleasing him nothing else mattered.

Little girls are told they need to be really nice so boys will like them. But can this advice poison adult relationships and erode womens' self respect?


Some social media fun to kick start the week. Here are some great vintage/retro social media ads made by Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency. Learn more about the story behind them at Top Design Mag.