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With tiny, precise pen strokes and careful cross-hatching, Italian artist Alfred Basha captures the complexity of natural life. His drawings interweave ani

https://www.google.se/search?q=draw vintage flowers

This piece is a x 11 digital print of a pen and ink original drawing. Printed on red river paper and high quality archival ultra chrome Epson ink Enjoy!

Awesome Surreal Drawings Drawings Pen by Alfred Basha

the simple sketch quality is very nice - will look good on growlers and t-shirts Mark

In his latest series of illustrations, Alfred Basha depicts a series of images where animals merge with the natural world: trees sprout into the silhouettes of foxes or squirrels, and a forest landscape rests atop a lumbering bear. Basha shares most of his sketches and completed drawings on Facebook

Artist Brilliantly Creates These Black Pen Illustrations Based On Animal And Human Life

painted-rooftops: Biro and ink heart. Just makes me want to say, "I'm so queer, even my heart is rainbow-colored!

"Amorphous" Watercolor & ink in my watercolor sketchbook Now on to commission work - running behind so prints will have to wait until tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your patience & your support.