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Summer Beauty African Print Handmade Patchwork Sleeveless Maxi Dress With Pockets and Sash

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Cool, Beautiful, Breezy, and Comfortable Dutch Wax Fabric Dress is gorgeous and oh so comfy in the summer heat. The print is rich and vibrant and the cut is figure flattering to all body types as it creates a cinched waist and a large flowing skirt. I love this dress and wear it whenever I need to feel beautiful and fresh in my skin. All dresses are made custom to your measurements. This dress is crafted from handmade patchwork so each dress will be completely unique and absolutely vivid and gorgeous. The sash will be a random pick so if you prefer a print just let me know and it will be done! Please see below for measurements required to make this unique and special dress. This dress zips in the back and all seams are fully finished and serged. Thank you for looking and also note that I have many prints to choose from and can make this style in a print of your choosing. Just convo me for print options. Thanks again!
SIZING: Most pieces are made custom to your personal measurements. This ensures a reliable fit across the bust and waist as well as allowing for customized lengths. Each garment will be made with built in ease for comfort. Generally, for dresses I will provide an additional 1 inch in the waist and 2 inches in the bust. I will add an additional 2 inches in the waist and 3 inches in the bust for jackets and coats. Skirt waistbands will have an additional half inch. For example, if your measurements are 36 inch bust and 30 inch waist, the finished garment will be 38-39 inches in the bust and 30.5-32 inches in the waist depending on the garment. If you would like additional ease, or room, in the garment, just let me know. Providing correct body measurements is essential to the success of your garment. Taking the measurement in the correct spot is also essential to the fit so please read measurements required carefully and reach out if you have questions. Below is the list of body measurements needed for each garment. (If your garment is sleeveless, you can disregard arm measurements) Feel free to provide any additional details.
Bust-measure around the fullest part of your bust, over the breasts. Please include typical bra size, if applicable, for cross reference
Waist-measure around the smallest part of the waist or three inches above the belly button. Most garments are high-waisted
Overall height-your total measurement in feet and inches. ie: 5’4”
Hips-measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear. This is about 9-11 inches below the high waist line, depending on your height
Arm length-measure from the shoulder, where a typical shoulder seam would be to the wrist
Arm circumference-measure around your upper arm, around the bicep. I will generally add 2-3 inches to the arm measurement for comfort.
Length-length from waist to hem or if you provided your height, you can specify ankle length, knee length, floor length, etc.
CARE: There is lots of info on the internet about washing African printed textiles but my favorite method is to hand wash in cold water and dry on no heat and finish drying by lying flat to dry. Finish the garment with a hot iron on the steam setting. Many of the textiles can have a firm feel to them. This firmness will soften over time and will disappear when washing. Because I like my prints to be on the sturdy side, I tend to spot clean for as long as possible and only wash when necessary. I have machine washed my garments in cold with no issue but hand washing is the method I tend to recommend.
PATCHWORK PIECES: Every piece in my shop is something that I have made for a customer and also used to model a style. You are not ordering the piece in the photo; you are ordering the style made in the patchwork example shown. This means that each piece is 100% unique. The patchwork is handmade by me daily and is always receiving new prints while older prints phase out forever. The patchwork shown is an example and while I cannot say it will be exact to the photo, I am always keeping my patchwork fresh, interesting, and compelling. The garment you receive will be just as colorful, vibrant, and stunning but the prints are changing daily. The multi-color patchwork is the most variable but will always include bright, beautiful prints in reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purple, and a smattering of neutrals. The gradient patchwork or single color theme are also variable over time but expect to enjoy the same color effects and same intensity of colors. My handmade African print patchwork is my baby, it’s my LOVE and my pride and I am always endeavoring to make each piece the most eye dazzling, blazing, gorgeous, lush garment under the sun. That all being said, if you are married to the photo, you will likely be disappointed because I will never be able to replicate the exact patterns and arrangement. I personally think, whatever I am working on, is prettier than the picture anyway, in my opinion. I am happy to show current patchwork layouts so if you have a question or want to see the colors, just let me know. The same is true for some of the belts featured; while I try to use the same belts and linings, many of those prints have left earth so I will substitute something similar. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask to see some sample colors.
And I think that’s about it...thank you so much for looking and reading!
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