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Sub the chourico or chorizo for halal sausage yes?! Portuguese Paella Recipe - Food.com - 226218

Portuguese Paella

Portugues paella - love the blend of flavors in this dish. This is a hearty one dish meal. The secret spice is the Saffron. Saffron is expensive, but you must add it or the taste of authentic Paella is lost.

Portuguese Steak, Egg & Chips | Get It Online Joburg North

This almost doesn’t qualify for being a recipe, since there are so few ingredients. This steak, egg & chips recipe from the Secret Jozi Chef is just perfect for a weekend meal!

How to make Portuguese fava beans stew with Portuguese sausage.

Portuguese Fava Beans Stew

How to make Portuguese fava beans stew with (Vegan) Portuguese sausage. Trader Joe's makes a very good vegan sausage that tastes like Chorizo.

Portuguese Bean Soup (Molho de Feijão)

Portuguese Bean Soup is a hearty entrée worthy soup that will feed a crowd (or you can freeze half). With delicate Navy beens, Portuguese Chouriço and velvety pasta, this will be a family favorite in no time! Please share!

Portugal - Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa (Potato & Cod Bake)

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa - Portuguese Recipe

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa is one of the most famous salted cod fish recipes in Portugal, with potato, onion, garlic and garnished with eggs and olives.

This is a humble dish. In fact, I’d say it verges on being downright homely, despite the bright pops of green peas against the brick-red sauce, the pepper-speckled egg whites and the dribble of canary-yellow yolk revealed when fork meets egg.  It’s not what I’d serve if the Queen ever came over for dinner (not …

Portuguese-Style Braised Peas with Eggs

Recipe Rewind Ervilhas Guisadas (Portuguese Braised Peas with Eggs and Chourico)

Portekiz Mutfağı: Yumurtalı Taze Bezelye Kavurması Tarifi-Portekiz mutfağına ait bu sucuklu ve taze bezelyeli kavurma tarifi dünya mutfağından değişik lezzetler tatmak isteyenlerin deneyebileceği bir yemek tarifi.

Braised Peas & Eggs (Portuguese style) my fav comfort food. Braised Peas & Eggs (Portuguese style) my fav comfort food.