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Adorable jikook

BTS Bighit Trans : [ Bangtan] Jimin and Jungkook ,who were the special MCs for Music Core Ulsan Summer Festival! It isn’t only me who feels satisfied and please seeing their steady performance as MCs…(☞- ◡ -)☞

I died watching Jimin in blood, sweat and tears 💙💙😚😍

[BTS Bon Voyage] They're such sweethearts ❤

I feel him I've gotten carsick my whole life. long trips are agony for me. Taking motion sickness pills make me really angry so in favor of others I prefer getting sick over angry.

Jikook~~ //// Jungkook is the youngest, so why does he always act the roodest?!! -_-

Jikook~~ //// Jungkook is the youngest, so why does he always act the rudest?


Why are people saying rude things about Jimin being chubby the more chubbier he gets the more CUTER HE GETS!

Jikook! Jungkook is like..."ok, get him off me"

I'm Better Model Than You // Jikook - Dziewietnasta sesja - Wattpad

#wattpad #fanfic -Profesor Park, por favor no me repruebe haré lo que sea. -Maldita sea, Yoongi te he dicho miles de veces que no. ~ Donde Yoongi es pasivo y Jimin el activo. •Parejas secundarias. -Vhope -Namjin Lenguaje Mexicano ▶31/01/2017 #304 en Fanfic ▶02/02/2017 #265 en Fanfic ▶04/02/2017 #119 en Fanfic ▶24...

My Sweet Teacher. ¡YOONMIN! - 028

"This jar will help with your confidence you just grab for one of th… Fanfiction

So cute ❤️ | Jungkookie

2016 fire and save me! Jungkookie, you and the rest of the bts members are doing great! Stay healthy love :D kiss